Case Studies

Crisis Management – Case Study

Faced with an anonymous mail campaign that threatened disruption to its workforce, our client looked for support on how to manage the crisis.

We reviewed the threat, using specific profile analysis, and devised a response so that our client could manage and mitigate the situation.

The threat was mitigated, and an after-action review completed so that lessons identified could be captured in response planning.

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Continuity Management – Case Studies

Food Manufacturing

A €1 Bn+ European food manufacturing organisation, had undertaken site-level continuity planning for some of its manufacturing sites. It had yet to develop, implement and assign ownership to business continuity across the organisation.  Key manufacturing facilities had yet to have impact analysis completed and plans developed.

They required the development, implementation, training, and transfer of ownership of a cross-organisation Business Continuity Management System, (BCMS), aligned to international standards, (ISO 22301).

We undertook and completed this in a compressed timeframe, to compliment the seasonality of our client’s business.  We continue to support our clients through ongoing mentoring and review.

Biologics Company

A biologics company was scheduling production runs across its sites in the EU.  It had developed supply chain risk management structures but needed to anchor these to site-to-group level business continuity management.

Forestall Risk Management is implementing a business continuity management system for all production sites and Group level critical processes.  This will ensure that sites have clear response pathways for key risk events, through to full scenario response plans from event occurrence to recovery.  We are providing an overarching crisis management plan to manage recovery from disruptions.

All BCMS elements are aligned to ISO 22301.  Training on both response, recovery, and ongoing management of the BCMS by the client organisation is also incorporated in our implementation of this holistic process.

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Crisis Simulation – Case Study

Broadcasting Media Organisation

Our client, a leading European broadcasting media organisation, identified a need to train and independently exercise its crisis-response organisation at Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels.

We have delivered a multi-year program across all levels, conducting workshops through site-level Incident Management Team role-play exercises to full simulation, multi-stakeholder exercises with supporting exercise control & observer teams.  Simulated scenarios have ranged from physical through to cyber-threat, with related financial risk.

Our exercises have clearly defined training & development objectives, with full debriefing and after-action review reporting.

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Mentoring & Review in Enterprise Risk, Continuity and Crisis Management

Having supported our clients with enterprise risk, continuity, and crisis management implementation we continue to provide ongoing mentoring and support.

Mentoring has involved the transfer of ownership and new appointment-holder training and support, with programs developed to ensure comprehensive training and development.

Review work includes independent and internal audit support, as well as enterprise risk and continuity program reviews in support of senior leadership teams.

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